Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fun on a rainy day - Decorating with Stamps

Today is a rainy day again, Autumn has arrived early in England this year. To cheer myself up I just watched Gene Kelly, singing and dancing in the rain, and I shared it on my Facebook page. Your heart just grows when you look at him, so happy and playful, splashing in the paddles like a kid :)

While waiting for the engineer from British Gas to arrive and repair our central heating, I have been keeping myself busy decorating using Stamps. I must admit, I love stamps and recently got two new sets which I used to decorate party invitations and labels. I also intend to make some stamps soon.

First I needed labels for my homemade plum jam so I bought some plain self-adhesive labels in the supermarket and begun stamping.

Here are the labels on the jars:

Another thing I wanted to do was to try out some ideas for the tags for my new handmade home accessories range, HATOME, which I am developing at the moment. To get myself started, I bought some luggage tags from Tesco, cut them to a smaller size and played with stamping them.

Happy stamping :)


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