Monday, 24 January 2011

How to make a Party Invitation card

Today I made a personalized Party Invitation Card using the card from the discounted box pack of flower cards.

The bookshop nearby is closing down and although this fact in itself is very sad (it happens so often nowadays), it brought with it some amazing shopping opportunities because now everything sells at 30% of the original price. So I bought a box of 30 flower cards for £2.99.

You can make any kind of personalized cards using this method, like Valentine Cards or Birthday cards. Because I am dreaming of Summer and the green garden, I made a Garden Party Invitation Card.

In order to make this invitation card I used my computer and printer and other things I had at home, like some rubber stamps and star stickers. Use whatever you have.

After deciding on the text of my invitation, I designed it on Mac and printed it on white paper (you can use the colored printing paper). I printed 2 pages: a title text to go on the front of the card and the invitation text to be inserted into the card (I measured the unfolded card and drew a slightly smaller rectangle on Mac in order to fit the text in the space available).

I made the title text using Adobe Illustrator software (by drawing the curved line, turning it into a text path and typing the title on it in Papyrus Regular typeface), but you can just create a straight text line in any typeface in Microsoft Word.

Then I cut the title text out of the printout. The shape of the cutout is up to you - try to use the shape which will complement the image on the front of the card, I used a roundish shape to complement the flowers. I put the title on the front of the card and decorated the front with bits of pink tissue, stamping some birds and tree images on top and adding 2 star stickers.

After cutting the text of the invitation along the rectangle lines, I attached it to the inside of the card with the glue (apply the glue in a few points to half of the card only, so it will close easily) and decorated it with some stamped birds, trees and star stickers.

My garden party invitation is ready. All I need is a bit of Summer.

Happy card making :)



  1. Beautiful card! Can I come to the party??