Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to make a Driftwood Frame

Some time ago, I collected some driftwood at the beach in Folkestone (the best time to do it is after the storm, when the beach is full of treasures thrown out by the sea). Today I will describe how to make this simple Driftwood Frame:

Apart from the driftwood, I used a small framed mirror which I bought at a charity shop. You can use any frame which is flat and wide enough to provide a space for the driftwood to be glued to it. I also used a glue gun, a piece of fine sand paper and small pair of pliers.

First I sanded the frame, taking care to sand the edges nicely without scratching the mirror in the process. I wiped the frame clean with a cloth.

Then I started to arrange the flat pieces of driftwood on the frame. Whenever a piece of driftwood was too long, I broke off the end with the pliers and sanded it down. I did not glue the pieces to the frame yet.

When I had the frame covered with the flat pieces of driftwood, I carefully glued the driftwood to the frame with the glue gun. Be careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue (like I did).

With all the flat pieces of driftwood glued to the frame, I arranged several more on top to cover the gaps and to make the driftwood frame look more interesting. I then glued the last pieces to the first layer of driftwood. Now the driftwood frame is ready:

Happy frame making :)



  1. Hi Yolanta,

    great idea decorating an existing frame with driftwood!
    Very nice blog - and thanks for joining my blog.

  2. Thank you Sue, nice to meet you here! I like your blog too. It is great to connect with other creative souls!

    All the best