Thursday, 18 August 2011

Garden party in the forest

Our post-wedding garden party in the forest happened as planned last Saturday, in Poland.
About 40 guests arrived despite the rainy start to the day. After the rain stopped I finally hung the bunting decorations I have been preparing for this occasion.

Luckily the rain stayed away for the rest of the evening. Children (and adults) could play outside.
This little dolls house was a nice decoration too.

To decorate the tables we used the glass lanterns which we prepared in June. They were filled with Citronella candles to discourage the mosquitoes.

We also used Rowan tree branches to decorate the tables. Here you can see them, filling little yellow buckets.

After the snacks we served many different salads (prepared by my sister Gosia and me) and the main dish: Bigos, which is a delicious Polish specialty. I will write about Bigos separately, it deserves it.

My friends and I:

And finally: the Wedding Cake (actually, there were 3 of them), delivered to the table by my niece, Marcelina. She also made a beautiful plum cake.

It was a good party. Pity that some of the family members and friends could not be there. Our family lives in many different countries...

I hope you enjoyed this little story.
Yolanta :)



  1. Oh! How lovely it looks! I wish we could've been there. Savanka would've enjoyed the decorating so much! She definitely gets that from you, Nana Yola ; )

  2. We would have enjoyed having you guys there! There were quite a few children for Savanka and Zoe to play with.
    Missing you. Y.

  3. I enjoyed your weddingparty story a lot.! Nice to see those handmade details at the party, that makes such a difference from an ordenary party.
    And I like your bunting!!!!

    Lots of love,

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  5. Thank you Elisabet, it was nice to prepare and I enjoyed it too. People commented on the decorations and they were surprised that a non-alcoholic party could be so enjoyable.
    Love to you