Tuesday, 30 July 2013

In the forest

This is something I really look forward to each year: every Summer I leave my hectic London life for a few weeks and go to Poland, to stay in the forest, in our family's summer house. This year I was very lucky with the weather and the mosquitoes weren't too bad. We just burned citronella candles and incense to keep them away. My brother in law was busy cutting out old tree branches and preparing bonfires...

...while I was learning how to use my new Nikon camera...

...and going on long bicycle trips with my sister or alone.

Being there is very good to me on so many levels. In the forest my thinking process slows down and I can be in the present. I am just looking, there is so much to see and absorb.

Next time I would like to take a few canvases with me and stay there for longer and paint. I will have to make this my priority next year.



  1. Wish we could've been there with you! Although it would not have been a quiet respite if we had been :)

  2. Oh but it would be lovely! Very noisy and lot's of fun :-)