Saturday, 15 June 2013

My dream art studio in the garden

I must confess I have been dreaming about building an art studio in my garden. Actually, I've been quite obsessed with the idea.
I am still hesitating whether to convert and extend our garage or knock the garage down and replace it with a ready made, purpose built, insulated garden room. The options are unlimited, but I am restricted by my limited budget. So let's see....

Option no 1 - low budget
Converting the garage by installing recycled windows in the walls.

Recently I came across a place called The Shed Gallery/Studio in Tunbridge Wells. It looks like their place is a converted garage or a garden shed. My studio could look similar.

Option no 2 - mid budget
I could cover our existing big garage with a new roof, with lots of skylights.
While researching I came across a company called VELUX®. They produce a top range of skylights and compatible VELUX blinds which can be opened with a remote-control, which sounds like an ideal solution for roof windows.

My new roof windows could look something like this (photo from VELUX website):

Option no 3 - the most expensive
To demolish the garage and to build something bigger from scratch. There are many companies out there offering to build insulated garden rooms. Or I could employ an architect and a builder and have my ideal studio built to my specifications. And I could still use VELUX skylights, with better effect.

I haven't decided yet. I am still in the dreaming stage. But they say everything starts from a dream.

This blog post was sponsored by VELUX



  1. I'd take option number 2! Building your art studio is easy with a stylish new roof and lots of skylights. Who wouldn't love pretty-looking roof windows, right? Weigh your options wisely and determine which of these are practical and attainable for you. Good luck!


  2. Thank you Francisco. I am also inclined towards option no 2.

  3. No. 2 is nice because you get the lighting from above which eliminates glare, right? But you'll likely be able to manage it sooner and with less stress than No. 3...which is of course the ideal. Especially for you, since you have done so many renovations and never gotten to build something from scratch!

  4. Skylights are a great choice! They will not only add warmth and beauty to your art studio, but make your space energy efficient at the same time. Always go for an investment where you'll experience continuous benefits such as skylights.

  5. Thank you Poorna and Joanne for your comments, the skylights are my priority now.

  6. Hi, Yolanta! It's good to know that you know your priorities. All your options look great, but if you ask me, I’d go for option no. 3. It may be expensive, but it's worth every penny. I can also imagine myself working there. And once I get home from work, I'll just look over the skylights to loosen up a bit.

    Lino Kosters @ Arrys Roofing