Monday, 20 May 2013

Garden work in progress

The Spring is here at last, after the longest Winter I can remember. I have been very busy in the garden, although my energy level is not great. We need sun!!!

We moved into our house just over a year ago. Our new place hasn't been modernized since the 1950s and needed a total renovation. The same with the garden. Here is the view of the green house, a year ago it was filled with self seeded brambles. Many of the glass panels were missing.

Last year the brambles were removed and burned in a big bonfire. We repaired the green house and had a new concrete floor put in. This year I started planting the vegetable seeds in trays.

I also planted some hardy perennials. The next step will be preparing the flower and vegetable beds and replanting the seedlings.

But for the time being we just enjoy the garden and a moment of sunshine. I hope the rain stays away because our tomato plants have just started to flower in the green house and they need to be pollinated by Bumblebees.


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