Saturday, 19 November 2011

My first steps on Etsy - Treasury lists

Recently I have been obsessed with lamps. Sourcing the materials for the lamps (vintage 1960s and 1970s), making the lamps, listing them in my Hatome shop on Etsy, editing the descriptions, then editing again. My husband has been laughing at me.... But we shall persevere....

Here is the next lamp, it has original 1960s/70s white ceramic base with a pattern of brown lines. I re-covered the lampshade with a 1960s/70s vintage yellow and brown cotton fabric depicting a pattern of honeycomb and flowers.

Here is the detail of the lamp:

While doing a lot of research of how other people do things on Etsy, I discovered 'Treasury lists'. If you are unfamiliar with this term, Treasury lists are basically your private collections of 16 images of products from Etsy shops, under your chosen name. How you curate the Treasury list is up to you, but it is advised not to promote your own products (some people are cheating here), not to place 2 pictures from the same seller and "spread the love".

My first 2 Treasury lists were done completely following the rules. I collected some images according to the colors and moods. I enjoyed this very much and it reminded me that I am a graphic designer by profession. Then I had a thought that I should be putting together images that are somehow related to the product I am trying to sell: vintage 1960s lamps. And I created the treasury titled: Modern Vintage Home. I admit I placed the picture of one of my lamps there, it was in such a good company...

Treasury lists are a great way to connect to your Etsy community and they help to promote your own products too. If you want to see my 3 Treasury lists, go to Hatome shop on Etsy, click on 'Profile' under my name, and you will see the 'Treasury Lists'.

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