Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Winter blues

It is so cold today. Not below zero yet, but close, the winter is approaching fast. I have been working on the new lamp, in blue color, how suitable for this time of year. This is the story of the lamp:

Last weekend D and I went to Rayleigh, a small town in Essex, where he gets his hair cut every month. While he chats to his hairdresser about music, I use this time to rummage in the second hand shops for the materials for my Hatome lamps. This time I found a treasure:  1960s/70s blue glass lamp base, a Mid Century Ikea classic. I was so pleased with it, especially when next day I found the ideal fabric for re-covering the lampshade. Because next day we went to the Vintage Fashion and Accessories Fair in Hitchin, Herts and I bought this beautiful 1970s linen tablecloth featuring blue and purple flowers.

The blue lamp is now ready:

I also got this 1970s ceramic tea pot which goes nicely with the lamp:

As you probably noticed, I placed a new gadget on this blog, it is the link to Hatome shop. Have a look and let me know what you think. I would be grateful for your feedback.



  1. Your new lamp is really beautiful!!The fabric goes perfectly with the lamp foot. And thank you for the story behind it.


  2. Thank you! It takes a lot of time (and luck) to find good original lamp bases and matching vintage fabric to go with them and I have to be very patient to find just the right combination. xxxxxx

  3. Me encantan tus lámparas y toda tu creatividad!!!!