Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Work in progress, studio in transition

I am working on my next Hatome upcycled lamp today. Here is the glimpse of it, sitting on the dining table in our living room. Yes my dear friends, this is how I work now, surrounded by the packed boxes, getting ready for our move back to London....

We almost moved several times, there were some delays (the buyer of our flat changed his mind just before the exchange of contracts, then the owner of the house we were buying died of old age). But we couldn't bring ourselves to unpack and for the last few months we have been living very simply using just a few unpacked things. It is a proof that you really don't need many things....

So I have been using our dinner table for a studio. I am not even planning how my work room will look like in the new house, just trying to stay detached from this whole subject. I am having fun with the lamps, that's the most important thing :) This lamp should be ready tomorrow.

I wonder how other people work? How many of us are using just a table for a studio?



  1. Yes, a very good oportunity to see how little we really need. I think we are happier with less thing around us. About workroom, I´m lucky to have a rather big room with lots of light and all my thing close to hand, abit messy at the moment....


  2. Love it Yolanta! xx Tx 4 sharing :) So, moving back to London eh? Nice onxx Jan X