Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beachcombing - another kind of collecting

My house is by the sea, on the South-East coast of England. I have been living here for over two years. One of the reasons I moved into this area is to be able to go for long walks by the sea and be inspired by it. I had a feeling that living by the sea will somehow change me and my work as a painter. And I wasn't disappointed.

I go for long walks whenever I can. And I do beachcombing, which is one of my favorite activities ever. I pick up various objects offered by the sea and waiting for me to be collected.

I come back from these expeditions tired, with wet trousers and shoes, with pockets full of treasures and very happy.

The amazing natural creations of the sea life inspire me in my work.

The sea's forms filter through into my paintings and designs.
There is never any shortage of them. And they are free - always there, for anybody who notices them.

I use the shells to display other objects.

After storms I collect the driftwood thrown at the shore. I am going to use this lot to make a mirror frame. I am looking for a suitable mirror in the second hand shops now. When I find it, this will become my next creative project.

But mostly I just look at my finds, touch them, enjoy their subtle color harmonies and textures. There is nothing better then a feeling of being connected to nature. It helps me to be energized and to stay balanced.


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  1. Hi Yola!

    Your beach combing is helping me, too. Even though I live no where near the ocean, reading about your time on the beach brings me back to that creative space. I, too, love the colors and textures inherent in the natural world. The photos of your treasures are lovely! One day, I may actually use one of your ideas. <3