Sunday, 30 January 2011

How to make a Valentine Card

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so today I will share with you two simple ideas for Valentine Cards that might be useful for those who want to have a go at making something yourself for this special day.
Here is the first of my cards:

Both Valentine Cards I created were made using old unused greetings card as the base, a B/W printout of the image form the internet, a bit of red paper, some pink tissue paper, glue and scissors.

In my first example, I decided to go for the vintage image of WINGS, but of course choose whatever takes your fancy. I found a simple drawing of Wings on the internet and printed it out. There are many websites full of royalty free images, just search for the image you need on Google. Copy the chosen image to your computer, open the file in Photoshop or any other image editing program and print it out.

You will need a card as a base: it could be an unused greetings card on which you will glue your image. It could also be just a fairly stiff card - cut it to size so that it fits the envelope when folded. 

Cut out your printed image to match the size of your card. The easy way to do it is to put the printout on top your folded card and hold them against the window pane so that the light shines through them both. Reposition your image so it falls into the middle of the card and mark 4 corners of the card with a needle. Then draw the lines between the needle holes with a pencil and cut the rectangle formed with scissors.

Next cut out the hearts by folding the paper and cutting a half-heart shape. Cut the smaller heart out of the red paper and the bigger heart out of pink tissue. Glue both hearts to the image of the wings and glue the image to the card. Your card is ready:

For the second Valentine Card idea I used the image of a BIRD:

 I used the same method as before. Here are the elements needed for the making of the second card:

Again, I found the image of a bird on the internet and printed it out. Next I cut out the image to fit the size of the card (see the method in the description of the first card). Then I cut out the shapes of the two hearts from the red paper and pink tissue, one smaller and one bigger.

I glued the hearts to the bird image and the whole image to the card. Here is the final result:

Of course you can use this simple method for making any greetings card, not only for Valentine's Day.

Happy card making
Yolanta :)



  1. Thank you for your idea for Valentine cards. The look lovely, I like the heart with wings best.I also like your new background in your blog.


  2. Me too, I prefer the wings. Thanks!