Friday, 8 November 2013

Street Art in Lodz

I have been away for many weeks, hence my absence here on the blog. I think the time has come for me to get an iPad...  I spent this time in Lodz, Poland, where I was born and where the big part of my family lives. My mum is getting older and more fragile and I need and want to spend time with her, sharing the care with my sister.

While in Lodz, I took some photos of the local street art. Lodz is fast becoming a center for exciting Street Art by many international artists. I am sorry I cannot provide the names. The murals are the projects of the Gallery of Urban Forms.

This crazy colorful piece was just being created while I was in Lodz. It's close to my mum's home. The artist is Spanish.

I love this elegant painting of a girl, which is round the corner from Teatr Wielki (the Opera House).

And this one has a connection with the name of the city. Lodz means 'the boat' in Polish. I know it's a pretty absurd name for a city, but here you are. You can see Lodz's landmarks here, together with an old red tram (now the trams are in various colors).

It's a nice feeling to have come from a place so vibrant and saturated with creativity.

To see more examples of street art in Lodz click here. And for a personal story of one visitor experiencing Lodz go here.  Facebook page of Street Art in Lodz can be found here.

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