Thursday, 13 December 2012

Learning Screen Printing on fabric

Yesterday I finished the course 'Screen Printing on Fabric'. I have been thinking of learning this technique for a long time and finally I went for it.

Over 3 Wednesdays I have been learning the basics of various screen printing techniques. My teacher was Katy Goutefangea from the East London Printmakers. There were six of us students, all very eager to see our ideas printed.

The first day was very difficult for me. I didn't manage to produce one single good print and my many pieces of fabric, instead of becoming beautiful bags and cushions, became rugs to clean the printing tables with. This was quite disheartening.

But later on I started to make good prints. This is a cushion I made with one of the prints:

And I made this print, using my husband's old shirt. I was delighted with it. He loved it too, but warned me not to expect him to wear it every day. Pity...

I also printed some monkeys on the curtains which will hang in our dining room.
Katy is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed this course so very much and I soon forgot how difficult it seemed in the beginning.

East London Printmakers is a free access printing studio located at the Space Studios in Hackney.
For the details click here.



  1. Screen printing is also something I have on my list of things I want to learn. Your lotus flower is beautiful!!


  2. It is so much fun and it makes me feel so alive. I will definitely continue with it! Happy Christmas Elisabet dear!