Sunday, 15 January 2012

Taking one day at a time

I am in a strange stage in my life when I am extremely busy and at the same time it feels like time stands still and there is no change. The house renovation is going very slowly. I was hoping to take some 'before and after' photos but all parts of the house are in a permanent 'before' stage.

I feel strangely suspended. Almost all of our life comforts are gone. The things we usually take for granted: the central heating, the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen take on a new meaning and are reduced to the mere essentials. Did I mention that we are camping in one room?

A deep tiredness sets in and to stay motivated I have to remind myself of our achievements:
- Eco boiler: fitted
- Bathroom tiling: almost done
- Bath: fitted but not working yet
and so on....

But there are some bright moments: yesterday we discovered some newspapers hidden under the floorboards, dated 1950:

There was also a nice piece of wallpaper which we discovered under two other layers of wallpaper:

Unfortunately this wallpaper is in a bad state so we cannot leave it uncovered, but we left it for a few days, just to look at it. It probably dates from 1950 when the house was built. Our house is one of 5 modern houses in a row of Victorian houses. They were built on the site of the buildings destroyed by the bombing during the Second World War.

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