Monday, 10 January 2011

Several projects on the go

Are you familiar with the urge to crochet or knit or to look through the pages of "Country Living" magazine (full of homemade crafts) instead of doing your "proper" work?

I am. I usually have several projects on the go at the same time, admittedly my attention span is quite short (or my boredom threshold low). Strangely I find that I am even more prone to being distracted when I have a deadline approaching or I when I am stressed. Personally meditation helps a lot (I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for many years now and recommend it whole heartily).

I am very much aware that I need to structure my time and this blog is helping me achieve that.  By writing a blog I have “given myself permission” to indulge in the joy of making, without feeling guilty about it.  In fact by this method I am actually encouraging it, but in a more organized way. We all deserve to do what we enjoy and our work should be something that we would choose to do, regardless of whether we are paid or not.

My other work projects on the go include painting for my fast approaching art exhibition in May and working as a Vedic Astrology illustrator.

There is always a balance to be found between feeding yourself (earning money) and feeding your creativity. I wonder how other creative people are dealing with it?


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