Saturday, 11 December 2010

Is blogging bragging?

This is my first blog post. The idea for this blog came to me out of the desire to make pretty things and share the knowledge; out of the determination to live beautifully, no matter of how the current  economical situation affects us and how much money is available.

I am an artist and a designer who lost her joy of creating some time ago. My intention and hope is to rediscover and feel this joy again, on daily basis. By joy I mean those moments of total inner peace and contentment that I used to feel as a child, while making my compositions out of found objects or playing with colors.

We don't need much. Simple things make us happy. Like making a nice cup of Jasmin tea and serving it in a nice cup, with a slice of flour-free chocolate cake. OK,  this might seem a little fussy to you, but if you have a little wheat intolerance, you will understand what I mean. Celebrating the present moment is what matters.

So, I am starting to write about my creative life and hope to connect with others who think along the same lines. I just had a little conversation about it with my partner and I asked him "Is blogging bragging?" I hope not.


  1. I hope not too—-or we'll both be bragging. I love your blog idea. I, too, want to seek out that simple joy, the moments of magic you speak of in the simple things. I also want to finally finish my non-fiction book on healthy weight-loss—-but one thing at a time.

    I enjoyed reading this and hope this blog continues!

    Much love,

  2. Lakshmi, I wish you luck and both of us perseverance. Our joy is a serious matter!