Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Beauty in little things

Yesterday I went on one of my expeditions to the charity shops, looking for treasures. I found two! The first one was a book by my favorite childhood writer, Tove Jansson, the creator of Moomin Books. This book is for grownups and it is titled "The Summer Book". I very much look forward to reading it on my flight to Poland for Christmas.

The second treasure I found was a metal structure with two glass candle holders and a hook to hang it over the table. It has a ring for fastening all sorts of wonderful things to it, like a wreath or baubles for Christmas, or Easter eggs in the Spring, or ribbons for a birthday party - possibilities are endless. A very inspiring buy indeed for a whole 2.99 GBP! My lovely partner bought it for me. Thank you Mister Partner.

I love it when it happens. You have a bad day, or even a good-but-nothing-special day, and then, a smile from above, a piece of good luck happens, and it might not look like much in the beginning, but you know deep down that it is something special. What can I do? I get excited about things like this, little things.

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