Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hatome Studio and Gallery

The moment has come for me to bite the bullet, to pick up my courage and follow my dream. If you have been reading my blog you probably know that I have been thinking about building my art studio in the garden. There were many stages in my thinking about it. I allowed the idea to mature and to fully form in my head. And here it is: I am committed to setting up Hatome Studio and Gallery.

Hatome Studio and Gallery will be an Art Studio and a Gallery Shop selling Art and locally created hand made products.

The name Hatome came from the name of this blog: Happy To Make.

I created a new page on Facebook and placed this post on a local forum' Facebook page:

"I am building a business in Penge. It is called Hatome Studio and Gallery, to be open in Spring 2016. I am at the stage of planning the garden studio (2 studios) and garage extension (gallery), getting building permission etc. It will be located in Maple Road, London SE20. I hope that the building work starts in 1 year time. Next year I will be doing a Crowd Funding Campaign, so I am doing lot's of networking now.
If you would like to see the progress of this project, or would like to be part of it when it opens, please like this page: Hatome Studio and Gallery in Penge "

I had 62 new likes in the first 2 days and lots of encouraging comments! I take it as a sign that Penge, the area of London I live in, is ready for the kind of business that I want to set up. I will be writing about this project here on the blog. Wish me luck! And please like my Facebook page !


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