Thursday, 21 February 2013

Home Decor: Blue and Yellow

Last week I finally managed to add some decorating touches to our living room. It started with the blue wall (which I chose because of Feng Shui - it's represents the element of water).
The room felt quite cold, so I decided to add yellow
to balance it.

This yellow painting by my artist friend Lorna Wilson sets the tone for the whole room. I really love it.
The cushions below are from my Hatome shop.

Our sofa bed (from Ikea) is very useful for the guests' sleepovers but it is also very deep. To make it more comfortable for sitting, I made three over-sized cushions using vintage fabric from the 60s and 70s - in blue and yellow of course. You can read about making these cushions here.

I also made a temporary cover for an old armchair, which makes the chair look contemporary and fresh. On top of it you can see small 'Honeybee' cushion, made partly with the same stripy fabric.

This was my little adventure with blue and yellow.



  1. You definitely turned this space into a great little sitting area! It looks pretty comfortable and definitely inviting. I have tons of books and have a pretty big vinyl collection- so I love all of the shelves! Did you end up using any sort of rugs on the hardwood floor? I always like the look of hardwood, but my feet always like the feel of a comfortable rug. I feel like modern rugs with the color or pattern scheme cna really tie a room together. Regardless, I would love to spend some time in this room relaxing with a good book!

  2. Thank you!
    I am planning to add a good rug later on. I have to save up for it.