Monday, 2 July 2012

Pictures inspired by Crystal Palace

I live in South London, in the area close to Crystal Palace Park. I will write about this special place more in another post, as it really deserves it, but today I wanted to share with you my two new paintings inspired by Crystal Palace.

The first picture is my free take on the iconic Crystal Palace TV Transmitter:

I paint in Ecoline watercolors (by Talens), which are my favorite. The colors have amazing luminosity. Here is the detail of this painting:

There are a lot of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the park (well, only concrete ones...), so my next picture is showing one of the dinosaurs:

The pictures look good together on the Mid Century sideboard in my studio:

You can see more at



  1. Hi Yolanta,

    I really like your new style of painting! Or maybe its not new, but it is for me and its wonderful, as I wrote to you on FB, i like very much your choises of colors.
    And thank you for your nice visit and comment in my blog!
    HAve a lovely summer!XXXX

  2. Thank you Elisabet!

    This style of painting is something I developed recently, but you could see the traces of it in my previous work.

    Have a nice and relaxing Summer (or busy if you prefer).
    Y. xxxx