Friday, 2 December 2011

Two Hatome lamps with distinctive personalities

As Winter approaches and the world descends into darkness (at least in Northern Hemisphere), good sources of additional light at home become more and more important, to safeguard us from Winter blues.

Here are two lamps I recently created. I try to give distinctive personality to each of my Hatome lamps.
This one is bold, colorful, brave. I called it Hatome Fantasy Lamp. It has an original 1970s lamp base and I recovered the lampshade with the vintage 1970s fabric.

I finished it with some very fancy decorative trimmings for visual impact. Little glass beads catch and reflect the light when the lamp is switched on and it looks really pretty.

The second lamp is called Geometric Retro Chic Lamp. This lamp is elegant, chic and warm. It has the original 1960s/70s brown ceramic base. I recovered the lampshade with a beautiful 1960s/70s vintage fabric.

If you would like to see more, go to my Hatome shop on Etsy.

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