Saturday, 5 November 2011

How to make an easy jar opener - gripper

A few years ago, while visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Virginia, she gave me something very useful: a jar opener/gripper, made of rubber with crocheted edges. I have been using it ever since. It really makes jar opening easy-peasy. I wanted to buy similar jar openers for my mum and sister, but I could not find them anywhere in the shops.

Then one day I saw an anti-slip mat in a local home supplies shop, and it dawned on me: I can make the jar openers myself! They are easy to make and they can be a perfect Christmas stocking filler too. Here is what you need: An anti-slip mat, some yarn and a crochet hook.

Cut the square off the mat, about 14cm x 14cm (6" x 6"). Then work around the edge of the square with the crochet, using a double crochet stitch and inserting the crochet hook in the holes on the edges of the mat.

When you come to the corner add three chain loops and continue with a double crochet stitch.

After crocheting around the whole square, work the second row with a double crochet stitch using yarn of a contrasting color. In the corners of the second row add 3 loops, then 1 double crochet stitch, then again 3 more loops. The finished product should look like this:

Try the jar opener on the jar, it will work perfectly well.

Happy crocheting :)



  1. You are so clever!!!!Now I really have to learn how to do crochet.

    Thanks for your nice comment the other day.

  2. Thank you! and it's really easy to make :)