Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Making Frida Kahlo style blouse

Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter, captured the imagination with her beautiful paintings, her amazing and tragic life story and her colorful sense of style. Her home, her garden, her pet monkeys and other pets, and most of all, her traditional Mexican outfits still inspire many of us, especially artistically inclined women.

I always admired her beautiful blouses and few years ago I made myself a Frida Kahlo blouse. Actually, I was dressed as Frida Kahlo for a New Year's Eve party. The theme of the party was: "Famous deceased person". So I choose to dress as Frida and I made this blouse:

I wore it with a heavy red necklace, heavy earrings and a long skirt which I picked up in a charity shop. I tied my hair up with red ribbons, Frida's style, and painted my brows so that they met in the middle. The outfit was a great success and I had lots of fun!

The blouse was made out of an old simple blouse, a few embroidered pieces of another old blouse, and some decorative haberdashery.


This is the back view:

If you would like to make something similar, It is very easy to do. You can use what you have at home, just think creatively. For inspiration, see Frida Kahlo paintings and photographs. If you would rather buy a ready made Frida blouse, I recommend an on-line shop where you can do it by clicking here.

Happy blouse making ;)

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