Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lemons lemons everywhere

Today I would like to share with you few more photos from our honeymoon journey to the Lemon Country, which is Sorrento, Italy.
I must admit I love lemon color. I actually have a craving for it now. In the morning I went to Tesco supermarket and in the car park I saw a lemon Honda car. I couldn't stop looking at it.... Yea, I know, I am a bit strange...

In the Lemon country they serve lemons with coffee:

They paint lemons on the crockery:

... decorate the stairs with them:

.... grow lemon trees next to their homes for good luck:

... make lemon perfume and lemon soap (we bought some for our mums):

and they sell painted lemons:

Sweet lemon dreams!
Yolanta :)

P.S. Writing this blog post actually gave me an idea for a painting, with the usage of lemon color of course... and the rusty pink...


  1. Thanks for sharing your nice photos again!Interesting combination, yellow and us later, OK?

    hugs from the country where you also can meet lots of lemonyfriends.

  2. I am a little bonkers about these lemons. You are probably the only person who read this post haha. Thank you!

  3. Lemon country is the best kind of country!