Thursday, 24 February 2011

Collecting things

Collecting is fun. Collecting is inspiring. Arranging a group of simple objects, not necessarily expensive ones, gives me satisfaction and makes a place nice to look at. Basically, it creates the feeling of my space, of home.

Most of my things, including my collections, are in boxes now (I recently moved in with my Mr. Partner). But I keep on collecting, on a very small scale, I find things at local jumble sales and in charity shops. Here you can see some new additions to my collections. I collect Colored vintage glass, Blue and white crockery, and recently I started collecting Hearts.

Of course only the hearts are purely for decoration. The glass and the crockery are to be used every day. The objects that I collect have to be functional and uplifting, otherwise they just become a clutter.

I used to collect folk birds (wooden and clay). The collection grew very big, the birds had their own cabinet where they lived, but after moving them with me too many times, I started to have a feeling of being burdened by them. So I gave them away, one by one, to friends and family members who visited me. I only allowed myself to keep a couple of birds, they are all that's left from my collection:

Occasionally, while treasure hunting, I see something that other people collect and I get it for them. I found this lovely vintage ceramic Pug dog in a charity shop and I bought it for my sister who has a Pug dog called Kapsulka which means Capsule in Polish. Her lovely dog looks just like a capsule and it is a very fussy little dog. If it doesn't like the weather it won't go outside. I love this dog. The ceramic dog is really similar to the real one. Before I gave it to my sister it had to be washed. It looks quite happy, all clean on the dryer:

Recently I bought a very good book about collections, called "The way we live with the things we love" by Stafford Cliff and Gilles De Chabaneix. It shows some very inspiring interiors, I recommend it to you - whether you collect art, antiques, tribal, rustic or religious objects or just simple kitchenalia.

In a few days I will post something about my other passion and another kind of collecting: the beach combing.

Love to you all



  1. Hi Yolanta,
    I love your post about collections and I'm looking forward to your future post: the beach combing!!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Fiona, thank you very much.
    Best wishes to you.