Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chair makeover obsession

Recently two of my very creative friends showed on Facebook some really cool examples of beautifully upcycled chairs. One friend found 4 chairs in the refuge yards in Warsaw and repaired and painted them herself; and the other friend found her 6 chairs on the sidewalks of Montreal and had them re-upholstered. In both cases the results are amazing. Since then I have been craving a chair upcycling project. I have been looking for a suitable chair/armchair on the internet and in local papers. No luck!

Now the situation is getting serious. I am starting to be positively obsessed with finding a chair to makeover! Today I made my poor Mr Partner cruise with me through the streets of our very decent neighborhood, where nobody dares to throw any rubbish on the street, in the hope of finding my treasure to upcycle. In the end I gave up - the area we live in is just too good.

I missed the familiar streets of South London, where people don't have such scruples and happily chuck away whatever they don't need right on the street in front of their houses. This proves that everything has two sides to it, the positive and the negative: the safe, clean areas are nice to look at and to live in, but they lack the treasure hunting opportunities. Of course what one perceives as positive or as negative depends on the circumstances.

Please note: no picture this time, no chair!

P.S. I just discovered a very good website for all UK car-boot sales and markets, potential sources of small second hand furniture:


  1. Good luck on your chairhunt!!!


  2. Thank you! I actually discovered some new possible sources of cheap second hand chairs and I am going to explore them (see PS note on post).

  3. I have a chair for you! Even two I think.. The problem is: their are in Poznan of course ;)

  4. No problem at all. I will be in Poland in June and will call you. Lots of love. Y.

  5. It's fun to visit your blog, good luck with the chair hunt!